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Full Colour
If you are looking to fully maximise the advertising potential of your vehicle then we could design, print and apply a truly dynamic full colour graphic, that will turn heads and get you noticed.

Why full colour?

The Cad cut coloured vinyls that are used to produce vehicle livery (as per 'Economy' and 'Complex') have their limitations in terms the design that can be achieved with their use.
Modern print technology and materials allow us to utilise full colour printed vinyl. In this method, and as opposed to using coloured vinyls, we print the desired colours onto white vinyl, which is usually then overlaminated to add durability to the finished printed vinyl. The main benefit of full colour printing is that we can produce much more intricate designs utilising shadows, transparency, 3d effects etc

Full colour graphics can be used for simple/subtle designs through to entirely covering the vehicle in the printed material. This is otherwise know as 'wrapping'. Full colour graphics dont have to cost a fortune...infact, sometimes full colour livery can cost less than complex cad cut vinyl graphics.


The main difference with full colour vinyl graphics and wrapping is in the placement and coverage of the vehicle. Regular full colour printed vinyl can be used for reasonably flat areas of the vehicle, but cannot be used for complex curved areas. The use of special conformable printable vinyl now allow us to fit the vinyl prints to even the most awkward contours of your vehicle, this means that it is possible to full print and wrap either just a small part of the vehicle in a difficult area, or the entire vehicle. When well designed, printed and fitted, this can have the most dramatic effect.

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